Institutional Membership

Organizational Membership (Includes local, domestic and international membership)

Institutional membership is intended for academic and professional institutions. Institutional members receive one (1) International membership and one (1) additional domestic membership. Institutional members receive one (1) International Journal subscription for two (2) domestic members and acknowledgement on the website.
Institutional: USD 250.00

Friend Organization
Docomomo US recognizes that there are a number of regional organizations in the United States which share Docomomo US’s mission and values. Becoming a Friend Organization offers a means to enhance communication and cooperation between an organization, their members and Docomomo US.

Established regional, non-profit organizations with missions relating to historic preservation (especially of the modern movement), architecture and design, landscape architecture, or urban planning are eligible for consideration as a Friend Organization. Friend Organization status is subject to the approval of Docomomo US.

Friend Organizations receive all of the benefits of Institutional Membership and receive recognition as Friend Organizations on the Docomomo US website and in newsletters, with links to their own websites. Friend Organizations are encouraged to create a “Docomomo US Committee”, or similar entity, to encourage communication and activities among members interested in preservation of modern architecture and places, with Docomomo US and other Docomomo US Chapters and/or to designate a liaison officer/person. Friend Organizations are encouraged to submit news and announcements of events related to the shared interests and objectives to the Docomomo US newsletter and participate in Docomomo US national activities, including the annual Tour Day event.
Friend Organization: USD 250.00


  • To pay by check, download and print a membership form to include with payment: MEMBERSHIP FORM
  • To pay with a credit card, click on a link to use our PayPal services
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