Jean Tschumi Architecture At Full Scale & Architecture Concepts: Red Is Not A Color

Jean Tschumi Architecture At Full Scale
Jacques Gubler
Milan, Italy: Skira Books, 2008

Architecture Concepts: Red Is Not A Color
Bernard Tschumi
New York, NY: Rizzoli Books, 2012

In his foreword to the monograph on Jean Tschumi his son Bernard writes: “As a young child I often heard him alluding to the continuum of architecture, with its play of possibilities and grounding material resonance, in his repeated declaration that architecture, even if it was “un métier de…(expletive)”, was still “le plus beau métier du monde (the most beautiful craft in the world).” The two publications when placed next to one another show more than just a continuum of architecture but also the continuation of a family tradition. Gubler’s publication shows the evolution of an architect from traditional and craft based design (while working for such luminaries as Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann or Edgar Brandt) and to a modernist vocabulary as evidenced in his design for the Nestlé Headquarters. Bernard Tschumi’s book reveals a different (and still on-going) progression equally fascinating. Rather than examining an oeuvre chronologically it uses not the traditional drawing or water color of his father’s generation but rather the collage and digital images of our time to explore and illustrate concepts underlying competition designs and completed projects throughout the world. The two publications individually but particularly placed next to one another symbolize the continuum of architecture and confirms that architecture (and its preservation) remains “le plus beau métier du monde.”

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